Summer Garden Party and Leavers Parties

5 July 2017

The summer garden party is a lovely event, where all our families, past and present, come together to celebrate our wonderful nursery school. We are very lucky to have a great garden in which to hold our event. There will be games to play; food to eat and music to listen to. We try to raise a little money for the nursery as part of holding the event. Please feel free to tell families who have left that they are welcome to come along.  


Leavers parties - Each shelter holds a leavers party for the children leaving their shelter to go to primary school. They have a ceremony first, when each child gets a certificate and a book. The families are given the children's Special Books and Profiles as a record of the learning journey they have made at Rachel McMillan so they can keep them at home. The families are asked to contribute some food (nothing with pork or nuts in please) the staff arrange the shelters so all the children can sit down together and eat. All the families are invited to come to the party and they are always lovely celebrations of the children's time at Rachel McMillan.