Rachel and Margaret (Powerpoint)

 Hadow Report (1933)

Her Majesty The Queen 1930

Full titles read: "HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN - opens the new Rachel McMillan Training College for Children - and receives enthusiastic welcome. - Deptford, London."

L/S's of the large crowds lining the street cheering and waving as Queen Mary's car pulls up. M/S of Queen Mary climbing out of car and shaking hands with several dignitaries. High angle shot of the Queen walking through marquee to sound of 'God Save our King." 

L/S of the Queen seated inside building, she is applauded by her hosts. Various shots of the Queen meeting people and viewing the college. L/S of small children dancing in circle as the Queen walks past. M/S' so the Queen standing with the children. L/S of the Royal car leaving .



Nursery Days! 1939

Titles read: "NURSERY DAYS!"

Deptford, London.

Brief shot of mothers and toddlers walking across the playground of the Rachel Macmillan Nursery School in East London. Various shots of the children, all aged between 2 and 5 years, washing their faces, brushing their teeth, taking baths, playing with puzzle games, bathing and playing with dolls. Brief shot of Queen Mary visiting the school a few years before; she poses with a line of toddlers.

More nice shots of the children playing on a slide. A little girl rings a bell and we see the children laying tables and serving food to one another. The children get into little camp beds in the playground and go to sleep for their afternoon nap. Brief shot of children running to their mothers and being pushed out of the playground in their pushchairs.