Comments and Compliments

Below are some comments that we have collected from mums, dads and carers about the nursery:

'I was fortunate enough to have my daughter at Rachel McMillan Nursery School for one term (sadly, we moved away after this time), and I cannot speak highly enough of the nursery and its staff! Everyone, from the Head Teacher to the trainees, treats the children with the greatest respect and understanding, and there is a real ‘warmth’ that could only come from a genuine love of children and desire to make their experiences at the nursery as fun and inspiring as possible.

I was extremely impressed with the good knowledge that all staff seem have of how children learn and why they behave in certain ways. The ethos of Rachel McMillan is ‘Learning through Play’, which makes discovering new things and trying to understand the world fun and enjoyable for the children.

The staff also continuously came up with new exciting and creative projects and activities for the children, and no two days were the same. For example, one rainy morning when we arrived, they had coloured the water in the puddles outside the nursery building different colours (food dye?), and the amazed children were excitedly jumping and splashing about in them! In fact, the large and diverse outside play area is another fantastic feature of this nursery. My daughter, who before she started wasn’t too keen on playing in bad weather, became a real ‘outdoor girl’ during her time at Rachel McMillan, and her confidence when climbing and balancing improved massively.

All in all, I could not have wished for a better place to care for my child, and I cannot recommend Rachel McMillan enough to parents looking for a nursery place for their 3-year-olds!'

C. Waller


My name is Nicola. I would like to give Rachel McMillan Nursery all my thanks, from the bottom of my heart. Your doors are always open, even when your children don't go there any more. Both of my children went here, now 15 and 6 years old. I wish all schools could have the support that this nursery has.


We would like to say a big thank you to you all for all your help and support and for the extra hours given to Elaine to build up her confidence. This has really helped her improve her confidence and learning as well. Thank you all very much.      Parent 2015


Ruby is very happy to go to nursery every day. She has made progress in her language development in English and also in Mandarin. She has become more active and independent. She is well cared for by all the teachers and I am pleased with her learning!             Mum 2015


I am so grateful for Elliot's nursery experience which has taught him the joy of free play and incredible learning through that. Very happy mum. Thank you Shelter 4.                  2015


Very pleased with the way Mila has developed while being at Rachel McMillan. Best nursery in South East London!!!                             Parent 2015


Parent questionnaire 2015 - 100% of the parents said that their child was happy at Rachel McMillan. 

The vast majority (99%) of the parents told us in 2015 that their children felt safe; learnt well; are well looked after and taught well at Rachel McMillan. The overwhelming majority (99%) told us that they would recommend Rachel McMillan Nursery School to another mum or dad.


Comments from Rachel McMillan children: 

What do you like to do at nursery?

'I love to play outside and inside. I love building a rocket and playing in the sandpit.'    4 yrs old

'Play in the big garden'   2 yrs old

'I like putting water on flowers.'  2 yrs old

'I like dancing. I like playing.'   3 yrs old

'Sit down and play. Go outside, do scooting and play with sand.'   3 yrs old

'Play and swing on the monkey bars'    4 yrs old

'Go on the slide, play on the pole.'   3 yrs old

'I like to make a racing track. I like planes and I like to play football.'   4 yrs old

'I just like jumping on the mat and just running around with my friends. I play on the monkey bars and hide and seek.'     4 yrs old

'Wear costumes, Spiderman and rabbit.'     4 yrs old

'Sing'     4 yrs old

'I like dancing. I like playing.'    3 yrs old

'Climbing.'    3 yrs old

'Painting.'   3 yrs old


Is there anything you don't like about nursery?

'No'    3 yrs old  +   4 yrs old

'I don't like green cars.'     4 yrs old

'Rice.'    3 yrs old

'Painting on myself.'    3 yrs old

'I don't know.'   2 yrs old


Feedback from practitioner participants in the Greenwich Teaching and Learning Programme January 2016

  • Very clear to see how confident the children are – they came over, chatted, talked about their learning
  • Outdoor environment is amazing; open ended resources; provides opportunities for risk taking; used in all weathers
  • The setting feels very child friendly – it is definitely the children’s space
  • Staff and children interact very well – lovely positive relationships
  • Thank you for sharing the environment with us!

Course Participant January 2016


  • Adults were very good facilitators for leading problem solving – open ended questions and real conversations
  • All children confident and focused
  • Great open ended resources and storage for them outside
  • Nature everywhere – inside and out
  • Love the Learning Stories and the possibilities to extend

Course Participant January 2016


  • Felt like I was in the children’s world. Children are so independent and confident in their environment.
  • Children are happy and given freedom to explore without risk of being wrong.
  • A safe environment with an element of risk that challenges the children and enhances their learning.
  • Lovely school. Thank you for allowing us to visit.

Course Participant January 2016


Thank you for letting us visit today. It was great to see the positive relationships staff had with the children. The spaces had some fantastic open-ended resources and hidden areas.

                                                                                                                                                                    Course Participant January 2016



  • I really enjoyed seeing how the children had taken ownership of ‘their’ space.
  • They were very confident. Talking about what they were doing and interacting with unfamiliar adults.

Course Participant January 2016



It was amazing to see the confidence of the children – they were happy to come up and chat about what they were doing and learning about. One child took my hand and pointed to the twinkle lights and asked me to sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle’.

The outdoor environment was really a child’s space and they moved with confidence around the setting.

Course Participant January 2016



  • Environment was safe, yet challenging and encouraged the children to take risks, be spontaneous, self select and work as a team.
  • How very special to see the children’s ‘world’.
  • Adults seemed secondary to the children. CHILD led – was so amazing to visit.
  • I will definitely be braver when setting up and encourage more risk.
  • Thank you for having us

Course Participant January 2016



An amazing learning environment, enabling children to become life long learners.

It must be magical to be a pupil here! Keep up the good work!

Course Participant January 2016